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Street Outreach
Tent being used by an unhoused person for shelter in winter.
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In 2022, our street outreach and housing intake services helped 59% of Polk County’s unhoused adults find permanent housing


Street Outreach

The Street Outreach team at CISS meets face-to-face with people experiencing homelessness to ask them a simple question: “Where do you want to live, and how can we get you there?”

We work hands-on to help them obtain vital information like IDs and birth certificates, seek critical medical attention, and get them into our shelter. From there, we offer case management to help them apply for housing and jobs with a compassionate support system at their side. We provide other services as well, such as finding temporary storage for their belongings, foster homes for their pets, and seasonally appropriate clothing.

Our team is always looking for support to help us reach as many people as possible—especially in times of extreme weather. You can help our Street Outreach team get more people off the streets and into safe housing by visiting our Donations page.