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Job Training
A worker participating in on-the-job training through the kitchen program at CISS.
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The Farm Training Program employed 32 trainees in fiscal year 2021-2022


Job Training

With support from United Way of Central Iowa, Central Iowa Shelter & Services employs people staying in the emergency shelter through on-site job-training programs. These programs are designed to give individuals an opportunity to gain experience, build skills, and expand their resume. We currently have three job training programs.

  • The Janitorial Skills Training Program prepares job seekers for careers in custodial, janitorial, and environmental service positions across many industries.
  • The Mulberry Street Cafe Training Program is a United Way funded program that prepares and delivers more than 165,000 meals per year to meal sites across Des Moines. The kitchen program at CISS provides on-the-job training and employment for up to 15 homeless men and women each year. This program is staffed and operated by CISS.
  • The Mulberry Farms & Food Training Program is designed to help job trainees learn important skills for sustainability in growing, harvesting and preparing produce/fish. Trainees learn the newest techniques and technology in growing produce.