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Two workers tending to a raised vegetable garden.
Link to Agrihood service page


In 2024, Mulberry Farm & Food will expand to include a 4-acre Agrihood, which will use specially-designed floating garden beds to grow produce in what was an otherwise unused flood zone. The Agrihood will feature art installations, community space, and more. Our team is excited to complete the Agrihood project and introduce it to the Des Moines community.

When completed, produce harvested by CISS will be used to prepare nutritious meals for guests in the emergency shelters and community kitchen, as well as at other meal sites throughout Des Moines. The Agrihood is expected to be completed in 2024 and will be accessible to the public so anyone in need can pick fresh fruits and vegetables. All excess produce will be donated to the Food Bank of Iowa.

The Agrihood will be maintained by CISS employees, job trainees, and volunteers.