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Meet Eugina
Headshot of Eugina from CISS's The Other Side Series.

Meet Eugina


While growing up on the east side of Des Moines, Eugina’s family owned a food truck business that was known for their “guinea grinders” sandwiches. She attended East High School for ninth grade but later dropped out. In 1997, she earned her GED and went on to obtain an associate degree from DMACC. Despite this achievement, she began experiencing homelessness at just 18 years old. She married to find stability, but ultimately struggled with addiction alongside her partner and returned to a life of homelessness. For Eugina, this became a way of life.

Eugina first came to us at age 21, back when we were called Churches United. After years of struggles, she returned to CISS in early 2022 and has been continuing to make progress. Not only has she joined the farm training program, but she is finally paying attention to her mental health, something her family didn’t believe in seeking help for. Some healthy coping skills she enjoys are singing, listening to music, and journaling.

As she looks ahead, Eugina wants to find stable housing and obtain an LLC for an online business venture. Ultimately, she wants to leave a good footprint behind. She recognizes CISS for holding her accountable as she learns to take responsibility for her own life.