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Meet Brazille
Headshot of Brazille from CISS's The Other Side Series.

Meet Brazille


Brazille was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. With a high school diploma and 12 years of management and customer service skills, she wanted to further her education. So, in August of 2021, Brazille decided to move to Fairfield, Iowa to earn a degree from Maharishi International University, but decided it wasn’t the right fit for her. Unfortunately, her identity was stolen during her time in Fairfield. With nowhere to go and not knowing what to do, Brazille came to CISS. Her move to CISS was very well thought out, as she researched and read others’ success stories before she decided to come to CISS. Brazille decided that CISS would be well-equipped to help her “start over,” so she made the move in December of 2021. She immediately immersed herself into the case management services that CISS offers and worked with several of our Case Managers to reclaim her identity and get her life back on track. Brazille claims that because of the support from our Staff, she is moving into her own housing and is well on her way toward self-sufficiency. Brazille is very thankful for the CISS staff that has been able to understand her goals and help expedite her road to recovery. She has applied to DMACC and plans to earn an MBA in Business Psychology. While at CISS, she has also started receiving treatment for her complex PTSD. Other than finishing college, Brazille’s goals are to travel and live a comfortable life. In her free time, Brazille enjoys singing, dancing, and painting.